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Transformation of the Lakewood Police Dept.

The First, Most Integral Step


In June of 2017, the village of Lakewood saw the appointment of a new Chief of Police. Just weeks after taking office, village president, Paul Serwatka recommended, and the board approved, the appointment of former village of Cary Deputy Chief, Mike Roth as Lakewood's new Chief of Police. Chief Roth brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our village, given his 28 year history with the Cary Police Dept.

As was also the case in the selection of Lakewood's new Chief Administrative Officer, selecting and procuring THE RIGHT Chief of Police was the first, and most integral, step in the much needed transformation of Lakewood's Police Dept.

Lakewood Chief of Police, Mike Roth


Together, Chief Roth and newly elected president, Serwatka assembled a written plan that created a substantially higher degree of professionalism, increased public safety and created efficiencies within the Lakewood Police Dept.

The broad-strokes of this plan included:


  • A greater police presence via increased police patrol

  • Increased supervisory roles, with two new Sergeant positions

  • Additional formal police training 

  • Revamping of police policies, procedures and ordinances

  • Scheduling changes and salary restructuring

  • And the best part – all of this has become a reality for Lakewood, with a ZERO increase in budget! 

The Plan 

The implementation of this plan enabled our village to add to the force, two very seasoned, very experienced veteran officers, both of whom have since been promoted to supervisory roles as Sergeants. 

The addition of these officers and these two new supervisory roles, along with Chief Roth taking on the role of an "active working chief" have enabled our village to have additional officers on duty and an over-all greater police presence throughout our village, "around the clock".


And, once again, all of this has been accomplished with a ZERO increase in Lakewood's Police Dept budget!

Also Worth Noting


Chief Roth has also taken on the rather arduous process of rewriting & updating many of our police dept. policies & procedures (many of which were outdated by more than a decade).

Lakewood officers now obtain a myriad of important, additional police training.


Lakewood Police have now also joined ILEAS (Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System). This is a valuable resource to receive and provide manpower at emergencies. 

The list of new improvements and activities within Lakewood's all new Police Dept. goes on and on - from the Chief's Reading to Kids Programs, to the new electronic reporting, the officer evaluation systems, new communications, etc. and now, it even includes the renovation of the Lakewood Police Station.


And, at risk of redundancy, this has all been accomplished with a ZERO increase in Lakewood's Police Dept Budget.



A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website:  (CLICK HERE)

Copyright 2016, Lakewood Tax-Fighter & Better Government Project

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