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paul serwatka lakewood tax fighter

Lakewood's (McHenry County's) First Ever,

Property Tax Protection Referendum 

We Did It Lakewood!!
"PHASE I" of Our Mission -

The Lakewood Property Tax

Protection Referendum

Was an Incredible SUCCESS!

paul serwatka lakewood tax fighter

  Residents Gather For Property Tax Referendum Petitions  

During the summer of 2016, More than 500 Lakewood residents came together to petition to have their voices formally and officially heard – at the ballot box - by our Village Board…

The message these residents petitioned to officially proclaim was simple and straight forward:

  • "We are Being Taxed Out of Our Homes!  

  • "No More Carte Blanche Spending on Bloated Government & Pet-Projects!"

  • "Cut Unnecessary Spending! Live Within Your Means - As We Must!"

  • "Want to Raise Taxes to Spend More of OUR Money?  Come Ask Us First!" 

As expected, this initiative was met with great contempt by the Lakewood Village Board - with the exception of one board member...

Trustee, Paul Serwatka, who later went on to become Lakewood"s next Mayor, led this initiative, with the help of a small team of resident volunteers.

This effort began by successfully petitioning to gain ballot access, in order to have our first ever Property Tax Protection Referendum  placed on the November 8, 2016 General Election Ballot, to be voted on by Lakewood residents. (Actual Referendum Ballot Question can be seen HERE.) 

Then, after 5-months of walking the village and knocking on doors… After circulating hundreds of petitions... after distributing a thousand-plus flyers & spreading the word via the Lakewood Tax-Fighter Newsletter and social media… We were quite thrilled to announce that "PHASE I" of our Initiative had proven to be an Incredible and Historical Success!

Lakewood Residents Have Finally Spoken - at the Ballot Box

- Officially Proclaiming to Our Village Board:

"If You Want to Raise OUR Property Taxes to Spend More of OUR Money

on YOUR Pet-Projects and Programs - You Need to Come Ask Us First!"

No longer can our Village Board disingenuously claim:

"If residents don't want their taxes raised, they can come to village meetings and tell us so…"

No longer can our village board make excuses and apologize after-the-fact...  

It is Now Time They Ask Our Permission First!  



A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website:  (CLICK HERE)

Copyright 2016, Lakewood Tax-Fighter & Better Government Project

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